Swainsona Galegifolia ‘Darling Pea’ - Australian Native Flower Seeds

Swainsona Galegifolia ‘Darling Pea’ - Australian Native Flower Seeds

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Common Name: Swainsona Galegifolia ‘Darling Pea’ Flower

Scientific Name: Swainsona galegifolia

Life Cycle: Perennial

Remarks:  The Darling Pea of inland New South Wales and Queensland is a long-lived shrubby perennial worth having in every garden because of its easy cultivation and very long flowering season. Flower spikes are up to 15 cm long and are held well on long stems. They open to sturdy pea flowers nearly 2.5 cm across in colours from pure white through clear pinks and mauves to magenta crimson; these are followed by balloon-like pods often tinted pink. The best display is in November. Top growth is susceptible to frost and in a cold area such as Canberra, plants may be partly frosted. However, if this wood is cut out at the end of winter it is replaced by strong new stems. Branches are well clothed to ground level with fine pinnate leaves about 10 cm long. They are smooth and sometimes greyish forming a bold graceful outline even without flowers.

Plant Height: 60cm

When: Can be sown all year round, but does best in Spring and Autumn.

Sewing Depth + Method: Soak in water overnight. Sow 1mm deep, raise seedlings, if raising seedlings, take care when transplanting. 

Spacing: 60cm apart

Position: Full Sun / Part Sun

Days until germination: 15- 21 days

Number of Seeds: 25

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