Stock Katz Apricot Flower Seeds

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Common Name: Stock Katz Apricot 

Scientific Name: Matthiola incana

Life Cycle: Annual

Remarks: Versatile single-stem stock.

Long stems with 2.5-5cm, peachy apricot. Early blooming one-cut series. Good uniformity in bloom time and stem length. 55–60% double-flowering without selection; some selection possible.
NOTE: This variety produces one flowering stem per plant.
Pinching is not advisable as it will terminate flowering.

• Edible Flowers: The peppery, clove-like flavour of the flowers lends itself well to use as a garnish on salads, desserts, and drinks.

Plant Height: Varies.

When: Autumn–Late Winter

Sewing Depth + Method: Transplant (recommended) - Sow ¼" deep into punnets, 5-6 weeks before last frost. After danger of frost has passed, harden-off plants and transplant to the field or protected structure. Direct seed - After last frost. Do not pinch plants. Succession-plant every two weeks for multiple harvests. Stock is a cool-weather crop.

Spacing: 10 -20cm

Position: Sun  

Days until Germination: 7-14 days at 18-24°C

Seed to Bloom: 90 - 100 Days

Vase Life: 5-10 days.

Harvest: Fresh - Harvest when ⅓–½ the florets on the stem are open.

Approx. Number of Seeds: 50