Bee + Butterfly Flower Mix Seeds (19 varieties)

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19 varieties, new and improved Bee + Butterfly Flower Mix Seeds, available in bulk 10grams or 2.5 grams.

When to plant: Spring and Summer

Life Cycle: Annual / Perennial 

Remarks: the bee and butterfly mix includes:

White Dill Ammi Queen Anne’s Lace

Cosmos Sensation Candy Stripe

Zinnia Lilliput Mix

Rudbeckia Hirta Marmalade

Cornflower Centaurea 

Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes

Sunflower Giant Golden

Strawflower Everlasting Daisy 

Marigold Sparky Mix

Sweet William Wee Willie Mix

Phacelia Lavender Blue Tanacetifolia

Poppy Shirley Single Mix


Nigella Mix

Dill Bouquet 


Baby’s Breath

Celosia Pampas Mix

Larkspur Pink 

Coriander Eureka

Borage White and Blue

Basil Genova

All these flower and herb varieties help promote natural biodiversity in your garden. Bees, butterfly's and birds will thank you. 

Sewing Seeds: A 10 gram packet will cover 5 square metres when planted on rows 30cm apart.

Alternatively scatter a packet of seeds thinly into various locations in your garden and cover with a thin layer of soil. 

Position: Full Sun

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot ship to WA