Cosmos Cupcake White Flower Seeds

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Common Name: Cosmos Cupcake White

Life Cycle: Annual 

Remarks: A brand new form of cosmos with cup shaped flowers and fused petals. Flowers are crisp snow white, and make an absolutely stunning cut flower. 

Plant Height: 100cm

When: Spring + Summer (Winter in warmer climates)

Sewing Depth + Method: Cover seeds lightly. Pinch out your cosmos seedlings when the are 30cm tall (3 true sets of leaves). Pinching out means taking the top 10cm off your seedling. This will encourage a bushier foliage, and more flowers! 

Spacing: 30cm apart

Position: Full Sun 

Days until germination: 7-21 days

Seed to Bloom: 8 - 12 weeks

Approx Number of Seeds: 25 - 30

Note: Unfortunately we cant ship to WA or NT

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