What Seeds To Sow in August

Above is the new whimsical perennial Scabiosa Fama.

With Spring just around the corner, there are an abundance of veggie and flower seeds that can be sown now in Australia. 

Cooler climates you may want to hold off a few more weeks until the around the end of August, when any signs of frosts have passed. Starting them off in a greenhouse and then transfer into the garden at around 6 weeks of growth.

You can check out our Australian Seed Sowing Calendar here for a detailed list of what to sow in each Australian Climate Zone. This is a rough guide to each climate, as each climate can vary depending on where you live.

If you haven't seen our beautiful new flower seed collection for spring 2023 sowing you can view them here.

Happy gardening, Bec & Team

Flower Seeds To Sow in August:

Veggie Seeds To Sow In August:

The ever popular Rudbeckia Sahara.

A brand new Nasturtium, Tip Top Blush.

    Zucchini Ronde De Nice can be sown now in warm climates.