How To Grow Billy Buttons, An Australian Native Wildflower From Seed

Billy Buttons Pycnosorus globosus are such an iconic Australian native wildflower, also known as sun balls and drumsticks! Once established these perennial native flowers do not require huge amounts of water. Billy Buttons are very hardy, heat + frost tolerant. They have beautiful silvery green grassy foliage and look amazing en masses.

They can grow 60cm tall, florists love their straight very long stems and can be dried, a perfect cut flower.

Germination Tips

  • The seeds can be sown in Spring, Summer + Autumn and sown in warmer climates all year round.
  • Raise seedlings in a greenhouse, press the seeds on top of the soil and cover very lightly with soil. 
  •  Germination takes 14-21 days at 21-24 degrees. Like most Australian native, they may take longer, please be patient and do not discard too early.

Planting Tips

  • If you're raising seedlings, spend a few days hardening them off so they adjust to the outside world. Leave them outside for a few hours on the first day, gradually working up to a full day to prevent any transplant shock.
  • Billy Buttons do not like having their roots disturbed, so take care when transferring into the garden.
  • Choose a sunny or part shaded spot in the garden.
  • Space each plant 30cm apart.
  • Support may be required if wanting very straight stems, they can grow too 60cm tall.

Harvesting Tips

  • Billy Buttons takes around 110-120 days from seed to bloom.
  • Harvest once flower heads are fully opened and golden.
  • If drying the flowers, cut and then hang upside down.

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