Australian Flower and Gardening Trends in 2024

With 2024 upon us we have been reflecting on what trends in gardening and flowers we will see this year. We have put our thoughts below.

Salmon, Apricots & 'Orangey' Tones

No, not the food, but the lovely peachy pastel tones. We have seen an increase in popularity leaning towards these tones at the end of  2023 and with Pantone's colour of the year being peach fuzz we can only see them becoming more prevalent. We are seeing this mirrored in the fashion industry too. It is also echoed by Emma from the Earthenry Flower Farm who thinks bright oranges will also be popular. 

Strawflower salmon
Cosmos apricotta
Cosmos apricot lemonade
Zinnia oklahoma salmon
Zinnia benary's salmon
Zinnia cresto peachy pink
Hollyhock salmon
Sweet pea salmon
California poppy apricot
Aster king size apricot
Stock katz apricot
Scabiosa fata morgana
Aster china matsumoto apricot
Statice apricot
Snapdragon costa apricot
Calendula pygmy buff
Snapdragon butterfly bronze
Nasturtium salmon
Nasturtium peach
Zinnia orange King
Zinnia Queen orange
Echinacea soft orange
California poppy orange

Soft Blushes, Chocolate and Off-White

These soft romantic tones look amazing grown en masses or mixed and bunched together. These dreamy palettes can be mixed and matched with most other colours. 

If you are growing your own wedding flowers the list below is especially for you!

Cosmos cupcake
Stock stox blush
Stock stox champange
Stock cherry blossom
Aster appleblossom
Chocolate lace
Cosmos flush
Zinnia cresto cream
Scabiosa fama white
California poppy thai silk pink champagne
California poppy cream white alba
Strawflower silvery rose
Phlox blushing bride

Australian Native Flowers

For the last few years natives have been increasing in popularity. These are stunning in their own right but also provide a sense of place. Once Australian Native plants are established they are generally extremely hardy and low maintenance. They require little water, can establish well in poor soil conditions and provide much needed habitat and food for native fauna. Australian Native plants will bring in native beneficial insects and you will be rewarded with an abundance native bees, butterflies and bugs in your garden.

Billy button
Hairy mulla mulla
Acorn banksia
Kangaroo paw red and green
Sea urchin hakea
Rottnest Island daisy
Rice flower

Planting For The Bees And Beneficial Pollinators

As mentioned by Michelle Crawford of the Bowmont in the last blog we also think that planting flowers that attract beneficial pollinators will become even more popular this year for healthy backyard biodiversity. The more flowers you plant the more bees you will have in your garden. Below are some varieties that we see in our own gardens that keep the beneficial pollinators happy!


Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food has never been and will never go out of vogue. Consumers are questioning where food has travelled from, how it is grown and what has been put on it to make it grow.

Growing your own veggies at home reduces food miles, chemical loads and will reduce your weekly grocery bill as we see the cost of fresh fruit and veggies increasing. 

Some easy to grow varieties (even in pots on a sunny balcony) are:



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