White Dill Ammi 'False Queen Anne's Lace' Flower | x 300 Seeds

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Common Name: Queen Anne's lace, false Queen Anne's lace, ornamental carrot, wild carrot, lace flower, false bishop's weed, large bullwort, bishop's weed, toothpickweed

Scientific Name: Ammi majus

Life Cycle: Annual

Remarks: A must for cut-flower mixed bouquets.

Free-flowering plants bear a multitude of lacy flower heads 12cm across. Flowers can be dyed in an assortment of colours. Also known as false Queen Anne's lace, lace flower, false bishop's weed, large bullwort, and bishop's weed.


Plant Height: 120cm

When: Spring and Early Autumn 

Sewing Depth + Method: Direct seed (recommended) - In early spring after the last frost. Sow seed thinly in rows, covering lightly. Make 2-3 successive sowings, 2 weeks apart for a continuous summer harvest. Transplant - Sow 4-6 weeks before planting out. When first true leaves appear, transplant into larger pots. Harden off and transplant outdoors after the last frost. Tips: chill seed at 5-8°C for 1-2 weeks prior to sowing in the greenhouse. Cooler temperatures of 14-17°C are best for seedling establishment. Support may be needed if grown in windy areas.

Spacing: 15cm

Position: Full Sun

Days until Germination: 12-16 days at 16-18°C

Seed to Bloom: 65 - 75 Days

Harvest: Harvesting before 80% of flowers are open tends to reduce the uptake of water and cause the flowers to wilt. Dried: When the flowers are fully open and with no hint of pollen shed.

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