Kennedia Coccinea - Coral Pea Creeper Seeds- Australian Native

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Australian Native - Kennedia Coccinea - Coral Pea Creeper

Kennedia Coccinea 

Remarks: Australian Native is endemic to southwestern Western Australia. It spreads to over 3 m and flowers from September to November. The flowers are yellow centred with pale red petals trimmed in magenta.

When: Can be sown all year round but does best in Spring + Autumn avoiding extreme heat or cold.

Sewing Depth and method: Soak overnight in boiling water to soften the hard outer coating. The swollen seeds can then be planted.  6mm deep in pots of sandy soil - cover the pots in clingwrap and then remove once seeds have germinated.
Spacing: 2m+

Position: Full Sun

Number of Seeds: 10

Note: WA orders are sent weekly as they require quarantine inspections on arrival to WA