Fire Wheel Tree – Australian Native Flower Seeds

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Common Name: Australian Native Fire Wheel Tree

Scientific Name: Stenocarpus Sinuatus

Remarks: A medium-sized to tall tree 10 - 45m high with a cylindrical sometimes flanged trunk to 45cm diameter and a dense narrow domed crown ascending branches and bright red wheel-shaped flowers.  The bark is grey to brown.  Flowers are bright red or orange.  The fruits are grey-brown.  Flowers in late summer, autumn and early winter

Plant Height: 10 - 45m

When: Can be sown throughout the year, but best sown in Spring + Autumn as the optimum temp for germination is 18-24 degrees

Sewing Depth + Method: Soak overnight, raise seedlings.  3mm deep

Position: Full Sun / Part Shade

Days until Germination: 10-30 days

Number of Seeds: 10

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