Winter in the garden 'To Do's' and what seeds to sow now

With the first day of Winter upon us and your Autumn crops coming to an end it is time to start planning for the next season.

If you're like me and want to keep active and outside in the garden over the cooler months (with a few extra layers on), there are still plenty of jobs that need to be done and some veggies to be sown.

Here is a list of jobs that can be done around the garden in winter:

  • The garden shed needs a full sort out and clean out. Clean and sharpen any garden tools as needed.
  • Winter pruning. Roses and fruit trees can be cut back to then promote growth.
  • Attending to the garden paths. Topping up and refreshing the wood chips or gravel. 
  • Keeping onto of weeds. A good time to do this is after rain when the soil is damp, they will be easier to remove.
  • Mulching beds to keep weeds at bay and retain nutrients in the soil, if left bare the nutrients may be washed away with rain.
  • Nourishing your soil with compost, blood and bone and manures and allowing it to rest over winter, so that come spring it can give your new seedling all the nutrients they needs.
  • Keep on top of snails and slugs, as they love to lurk when there is rain. A natural way to to remove these unwanted visitors is to fill a jar half full of beer, and dig it into the soil - leaving about 1 cm above the surface. The snails will be attracted to the yeast, fall in and die.
  • Frost - If you live in area where frosts are present, you can make sure your seedlings are well established before they begin.
  • Creating a blanket for your seedlings for overnight protection against frosts will be very beneficial.
  • Spring planning - My favourite part, sitting next to the fire with a hot cup of tea, planning what new and exciting flowers and veggie I will sow come 6 weeks prior to Spring.
  • Bulbs - It's also a good time of year to plant bulbs and if you have dahlia tubers still in the ground, its a good idea to lift, divide and store until spring.

We have made a Winter Seed Collection for seeds that can be sown now.

Our Seed Sowing charts will help you decide what can be sown in your climate.

Flower Sowing Chart.

Veggie Sowing Chart. 

Happy gardening and stay warm,


A dahlia clump ready to be divided.