Top 5 FAST growing Winter Vegetables from Seed

Sown direct into the soil radish can then be ready to harvest as soon as 4 weeks after.  Radish is a great one for kids to grow as seedlings appear 2-3 days after sowing! So many fun varieties like Watermelon Radish and Black Spanish.
Broad Beans
l sometimes think I can see these beans growing in front of your eyes! Broad beans love cooler conditions.

Not only do  Broad Beans taste amazing, they also enrich your soil with nitrogen and are able to handle heavy frosts. They are generally unaffected by pests and disease. 

TIP, before planting, soak the seeds in a glass of water overnight, this helps them hold moisture that will help aid germination.

They will need support from stakes and string against strong winds as they grow tall and heavy.


Is an easy to grow salad crop. It can be sown direct into the soil and can be sown early - mid Autumn. Rocket likes well draining soil, sun/ partial sun and can tolerate mild frost.  

Plant direct into the soil (as they can suffer from transplant shock as seedlings). Water once sown, then not again until the seedling emerges to prevent the pea seed rotting in the soil.

Peas are a climbing plant so will need a trellis to climb.

Peas don't need additional fertiliser as they produce nitrogen themselves! 
Another bonus, kids love eating peas straight from the bush! The more you pick the more they will produce.

Is a great fast growing staple vegetable to grow. Can be sown direct and is frost tolerant. This leafy green once harvested keeps giving. 

We stock the beautiful Rainbow Silverbeet - also know as Swiss Chard, it's coloured stems live up to its name!