How to dry and preserve flowers + the top 15 best flowers for drying


Drying flowers is really easy.

It's a great way to keep flowers in the home through out winter when blooms in the garden maybe less productive.

When to pick flowers for drying

Flowers should be about 3/4 bloomed. Pick the flowers in the morning before they are fully open If they you pick them in full bloom they will fall apart. 

Prepping Flowers

Once picked remove leaves and foliage. 

Drying The Flowers

Secure about 10 stems with a rubber band or string and hang in a well ventilated area away from sunlight, this will prevent the colours fading.

In about 2 weeks you will have some beautiful fully dried flowers to keep hung or pop in vases around the house. With Christmas just around the corner you could make some stunning dried flower wreaths or Christmas tree decorations. 

The top 15 best flowers for drying that we recommend are: 

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Drying Flowers

See all our Flowers Suitable for Drying