How To Grow Rudbeckia Flowers From Seed

Rudbeckia hirta, also known as 'Blackeyed Susan' can be a somewhat over looked variety to grow as a cut flower, but I can tell you it's a must! This brilliant daisy like flower is an absolute work horse, long vase life and flowers over a long period of time, lasting through late summer to early autumn. A hardy annual that can tolerate poor soil and once established doesn't require a huge amount of water.
Rudbeckia come in a range of beautiful colours autumn colours and singles and doubles. 
Germination Tips
  • Rudbeckia seeds can be sown early spring to early summer, once the risk of any frosts have passed.
  • I would raise seedlings over direct sowing, the seeds are tiny and require light for germination. 
  • Press the seed lightly on top of the soil and cover lightly with vermiculite. 
  • Use a misting spray bottle to water in or bottom water to avoid seeds washing away. 
  • Germination takes around 7-14 days at 20 - 22 degrees.
Planting Tips
  • Once the seedling has reached around 6 weeks of growth and has two sets of leaves, it is time to harden the seedlings off. Do this by putting the seedling outside for a few hours on the first day, gradually working up to a full day to prevent any transplant shock.
  • Choose a full sun position that has well draining soil.
  • Space 40cm apart.
  • Rudbeckia requires long days to initiate flowering.
  • Sahara is a more compact plant compared to the others, it will reach around 50cm high, where as the others may more be a bit taller. 
Harvesting Tips
  • Rudbeckia takes around 100 - 120 days from seed to bloom.
  • Keeping up with dead heading will enable the plant to put more energy into producing more blooms.
  • Harvest the flowers before the flower is fully open.