How To Grow Larkspur Flowers From Seed

Larkspur love! There is something quite magical about their long flower spikes swaying. Larkspur Consolida regalis can last up to two weeks in a vase, making these hardy annual a lovely cut flower. These quaint cottage garden blooms can be sown late winter in some climates, early spring + autumn.
I personally have found my larkspur to over winter well down here in cool Tasmania. 
Happy seed sowing,

Sowing + Germination Tips: 
  • Pre-chill the seeds at 2°C for 7 days to improve germination.
  • Sow 6mm deep, darkness is required for germination. 
  • Germination should take 14-21 days at 13°C, seeds do not germinate well when soil temperatures are above 13°C.
  • Direct sowing is recommended as larkspur don't like having their roots disturbed, as they have a tap root, but you can grow seedlings to transplant later with care.
  • If raising seedlings, sow in punnets for 5-7 weeks in or below 13°C until ready to plant outside.
  • Larkspur performs best where summers are cooler.

Planting Tips:

  • When sowing the seeds in the ground or planting out seedling, leave about 15cm between each plant. 
  • As larkspur is a very tall flower (up to 120cm), it will need support. Use flower netting or staking each plant to avoid stems snapping in the wind. 
  • If your larkspur flowers are sharing a garden bed with other flowers, then place them at the back.
  • They prefer a full sun position.
  • Avoid over watering, keep the soil moist. 

Harvesting Tips:

  • Larkspur take around 100 days to bloom from seed. 
  • Harvest when 2-3 of the bottom flowers have opened. If drying the flowers, harvest when most of the stems are open.
  • Larkspur will last 5-7 days in a vase, but keep away from fruit + veggies and other dried flower, as these things will cause the flower to drop its petals. 

Larkspur is a great self seeder, but pease note that any part of larkspur, seed or plant is not for human or animal consumption, so be mindful where it is planted. 

Check our climate chart to see when you can pop them in the ground.

Browse our Larkspur flower seed collection here.

 Larkspur Smokey Eyes