How to grow, harvest and make your own chamomile tea.

If you are anything like me and the minute you lay your head down on the pillow to sleep, 1 billion thoughts come rushing into your mind or a small child decides the they are now thirsty... falling asleep can be hard.

A fresh brew of warm chamomile tea is my go/grow to when I'm having trouble switching off. 

Growing Chamomile

  • Chamomile is an easy herb to grow from seed in Spring + Summer and all year round in warmer climates. The actual seeds will be the nicest smelling seeds you will encounter, sweetly apple scented.
  • Press the seeds onto the surface of soil in punnets/pots, as light is needed for germination.
  • Watering in by misting or bottom watering to avoid dislodging the tiny seeds.
  • Starting them off in a greenhouse for the first 4 weeks before transferring them into the garden, younger seedlings do better transplanted than older ones.
  • Chamomile is a great self seeder, so if you do not want more in your garden keep it well contained. 

Drying Chamomile

  • The flowers are ready harvest when they are in full bloom. To dry, cut the flowers at the base of the head and place one layer deep in to a basket and store away from direct sun and in an area that has good air flow.
  • Shake them around every couple of days, and they will be dried and ready for tea making in about a week.

Making Chamomile Tea

2-3 tsp Dried Chamomile
Honey to taste

To brew the tea, steep in boiling water for 4-5 minutes in a tea pot and then strain, and it's ready to drink. Add honey for a sweeter brew before bed. 

Our Chamomile Seeds  

Our Chamomile Seeds