How To Grow Daffodil Narcissus Flower Bulbs

Daffodils would have to be my favourite smelling bulb flower. The scent takes me back to my childhood, where my dad and I would go hunting for places where daffodils would be growing wild, searching for them was all part of the adventure. 

These hardy bulbs will be some of the first flowers to pop their heads up in Spring, a welcome sight and smell after a long Winter. 

Growing Daffodils

  • Daffodils can be planted in Autumn, they will need to Winter's cold to help develop roots and will then come to life in Spring.
  • Before planting the daffodil bulbs you will need to prep your garden beds with nutrient rich compost and make sure the soil is well draining. 
  • Dig a trench 6cm deep and space the bulbs 20cm apart, with the flatter root end down when planting them into the ground. 
  • Cover with soil and water in, bulbs will rot if the soil is too soggy. You should not need to water them until foliage starts to appear in late Winter. 
  • They will need to be planted in a full sun to part shade position in your garden.
  • They can be grown in large deep pots, just make sure you use the best quality potting mix you can buy.

Daffodils do not need to be lifted from the ground at the end of the season, but if you do want to divide your daffodils they will need to be harvested in early Summer and stored in a cool, dry area until Autumn.  

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