Halloumi & Nasturtium Flower Salad

Nasturtium Flower Salad Recipe


Again on our theme of edible flower recipes we thought we would share our pretty halloumi & nasturtium flower salad with you. It also has rocket in it which is one of the easiest leafy greens to grew. You can harvest 30 days after planting. Perfect for summer salads. 

(Makes a large salad for one or could be shared as a side)

100g Halloumi Sliced into slices
5 Nasturtium Flowers
1/2 Bulb of Fennel
6 Olives
1 Cup Rocket Leaves
6 Cherry Tomatoes halved

Juice of 1/2 Orange
1 Tsp Orage zest
1 Tsp Honey
3 Tbs Olive Oil
Pepper and Salt to Taste


1. Fry halloumi until golden
2. Toss halloumi with the rest of the salad ingredients. 
3. Mix together dressing ingredients and dress the salad lightly.
4. Plate up salad and dress with a little more dressing and season with pepper. 

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 Nasturtium Salad