How To Grow Bells Of Ireland Flowers From Seed

Bells of IrelandMoluccella laevis, what a wonderfully unique flower. Also known as Shrek and shell flower, it has a scent a bit like sour apples. These tall green spikes make a wonderful feature piece in a flower bouquet or a standout statement as one big bunch!

Germination Tips

  • The seeds can be sown in early Spring, once all risks of frosts have past.
  • Direct sow or raise seedlings in a greenhouse, press the seeds on top of the soil and do not cover seed as light is required for germination. 
  • For the best germination, chill seeds for 1-2 weeks at (1.7-4.4°C) before sowing. 

  • Germination takes 12-21 days at 18-20°C.

Planting Tips

  • If you're raising seedlings, spend a few days hardening them off so they adjust to the outside world. Leave them outside for a few hours on the first day, gradually working up to a full day to prevent any transplant shock.
  • Bells of Ireland have a tap root, so they do not like having their roots disturbed, so take care when transferring into the garden.
  • Choose a sunny or part shaded spot in the garden with well draining soil.
  • Space each plant 25cm apart.
  • Support will be needed as these tall flowers can grow up to 70cm.

Harvesting Tips

  • Bells of Ireland take around 90-110 days from seed to bloom.
  • Harvest once flowers are 1/2 open and green. 
  • If drying the flowers, harvest when the flowers are open and firm.

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