One Tree Planted for Every Order With Ecologi



We have partnered with Ecologi, so for every order you place with Veggie + Flower Garden Seeds, we donate one tree to be planted making each order carbon neutral.

We chose to partner with Ecologi for their amazing work they are doing in Madagascar, an island country 400km off the coast of East Africa. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot, 90% of its wildlife is not found anywhere else in the world. In recent years forests in Madagascar have been destroyed and mangrove estuaries completely wiped out.

Local villagers are employed with a fair wage to raise and plant out mangrove seedlings. The mangrove plants absorb carbon 4 X faster than other varieties of tree. This program gives positive socioeconomic and environmental impacts. With your help we have planted over 52,000 trees to date.

So thank you for choosing to purchase your seeds with us. Not only are you helping the environment by contributing to reduce global warming, but you are also planting flowers for the bees, the native wildlife and increasing the biodiversity in your own backyard. Growing your own food reduce food miles, packaging and positively contributes to a healthy way of life.

View more about the project we donate to here.