How To Grow Ranunculus Flowers From Corms

Ranunculus are a hardy, easy to grow corm that will give you a mass of colour from early spring. The corms can be planted in autumn.

Planting Ranunculus Corms

  • Prior to planting the Ranunculus corms, soil should be prepped with nutrient rich compost, and should be well draining.
  • The Ranunculus corms should be pre soaked in water for around 2-4 hours, until swollen before planting.
  • The corms can be pre-sprouted before planting into the garden beds, this will prevent any corms rotting or any gaps from any corms that have not sprouted.
  • Half fill a seed tray with good quality soil, place the corms claw side down and then cover the corms with more soil.
  • Keep moist until sprouted, once sprouted they can be transferred into the garden beds.
  • Alternatively they can be planted direct into the garden beds, claws facing down, 2cm deep and 15cm apart.
  • Keep the soil moist but not too wet (to avoid rot) until sprouted.
  • They need to be planted in a full sun to part shade area with very well draining soil.

Ranunculus do not need to be lifted from the ground at the end of the season, but if you do want to divide your ranunculus they will need to be harvested in early Summer and stored in a cool, dry area until Autumn.  

These are available annually in April - Register your interest here 

These are available annually in April - Register your interest here