How To Grow Calendula From Seed + Its Benefits

Calendula, also known as pot marigold is well known to have many benefits in the garden and medicinal treatments like healing ointments and edible flowers.

Calendula is an easy and fast growing annual flower to grow. Bringing in the beneficial pollinations and keeping away the nasty pests such as aphids.
Calendula is a great companion plant for tomato, cucumber, beans, eggplants and squash.
Calendula is an edible flower and can be used as an anti-inflammatory in ointments and teas. It can be sown in Spring and Autumn and can be sown Winter in warmer climate. You can see when to sow the seeds in your climate zone here


Germination Tips

  • Direct sowing is recommend once all frosts have cleared. Sow the seed 5mm deep in the garden where you want the plant to grow. Calendula prefers rich, well draining soil. 
  • Calendula can be raised as seedlings in the greenhouse. Germination takes around a week at 20-22 degrees. 

Planting Tips

  • If you're raising seedlings, spend a few days hardening them off so they adjust to the outside world. Leave them outside for a few hours on the first day, gradually working up to a full day to prevent any transplant shock.
  • Choose a sunny or part shaded spot in the garden, it does well as a border plant as only reaches about 40cm high. 
  • Space each plant 30cm apart.

Harvesting Tips

  • Harvest first thing in the morning or in the evening once the blooms have opened 50%. 
  • Calendula takes around 50-60 days from seed to bloom.
  • The petals are edible and can be used in salads and desserts. 

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