Australian Spring Flower Planting Guide

Spring excitement is in the air. 

Now is the time to start thinking about what to grow this season, and gosh there is a lot you can.

Whether it be a cut flower garden, perennial flowers that will come back year after year or some blooms to grow in containers on your sunny balcony, this Spring season flower varieties will bring colour and life back into your garden area.

Spring seeds can be started off in a greenhouse 4 weeks before the last frost. 

Once the seedlings are at about 6 weeks of growth and all frosts have cleared, they can then be transferred out into the garden. 

We recommend hardening off your seedlings for a week, leaving them outside for an hour a day and building up to 5 hours. This will prevent any transplant shock. 

Here is list of some beautiful flowers that can be sown in Spring:

Some beautiful Australian native wildflowers for Spring sowing include:

Here is a collection of all our Spring Flower Seeds.

See our Australian climate zone seed sowing chart here.

Cosmos Cupcake Blush

White Dill Ammi

Gomphrena Rose

Rudbeckia Sahara

Zinnia Flower Mix

Here is a collection of all our Spring Flower Seeds