Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea Preissi Australian Native Seeds

Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea Preissi Australian Native Seeds

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Common Name: Australian Native Grass Tree Seeds

Scientific Name: Xanthorrhoea preissii 

Remarks: These Australian Native Grass Trees are a long-term project! They are very slow-growing, but worth the wait! 

Sewing instructions: Fill 10cm (4in) pots with moist sandy soil, wet thoroughly and compress. Sow 2 or 3 seeds flat on the soil in each pot, and cover lightly with soil. Water gently and cover pots with clear polythene – remove when seeds start to germinate. Keep moist. Place in a warm shady position to germinate fully. Plant out when about 10cm (4in) high. Water in well. Water weekly in dry weather for quicker growth.

Spacing: 1 + meter apart

Position: Part Shade/ Full Sun

Number of Seeds: 15

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