Geraldton Wax Flower Australian Native Seeds

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Common Name: Geraldton Wax Flower Australian Native

Scientific Name: Chamelaucium Uncinatum 

Life Cycle: Perennial

Remarks: An Australian Native that produces large amounts of wax-like pink, purple or white flowers. Flowering from late Winter to Summer.

Plant Height: May grow to 2.5 high and 4 meters across

When: Sow all year round in warmer climates, or in a greenhouse in cooler climates.

Sewing Depth + Method: Raise seedlings, and transplant when around 10cm.

Seeds have thick oily skin. To help leach out the oil it is best to sow the seeds in a warm, coarse, quick-draining, sandy (or fine gravel) alkaline soil.

Smoke treatment may help increase the germination rate

Position: Full Sun

Days until germination: 30- 60 days

Approx Number of Seeds: 20

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