Save The Bees Flower Seed Packs (4 varieties) $2 goes to Saving Bees!

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1 x Packet of Sunflower Giant Single Seeds

1 x Packet of Blue Tansy Flower Seeds

1 x Packet of Marigold ‘Petite Yellow’ Flower Seeds

1 x Packet of  Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix Flower Seeds

$2 from each Save the Bees Pack goes directly to The Wheen Bee Foundation, it is Australia’s only registered not-for-profit charity that promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

You can read more about the ‘Wheen Bee Foundation’ here:

We chose these flowers to be in the pack as Bees love Blues and Yellows!

Sunflower Giant Single Seeds

Helianthus annuus

Remarks: A hardy annual flower that brightens everyones day! Easy for Kids to grow! Spring and Early Summer.
Sewing Depth: 1cm deep
Spacing: 30cm apart
Position: Full Sun/Part Sun, in well draining soil
Number of Seeds: 40

Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix Flower Seeds 

Remarks: Can grow to 60cm, hardy annual. 
Sewing Depth: 15mm deep, sow direct or raise as seedlings
Spacing: 50cm apart
Position: Full Sun/ Part Sun
Number of Seeds: 100

Marigold ‘Petite Yellow’ Flower

Remarks: a bright sunny yellow flower, growing to 20cm. A hardy annual. Marigolds can used to deter unwanted insects and attract beneficial ones.
Sewing Depth: 5mm. Sow seeds directly into the garden once the soil is warm in the spring. In the cooler months start seeds indoors. 
Spacing: 20cm
Position: Full Sun
Number of Seeds: 185


Remarks: Lavender/ blue flowers that are magnets for bees!

Sewing Depth: 5mm. Sow direct in Autumn-Spring. Or begin potted inside in cooler months.
Spacing: 30cm
Position: Full Sun
Number of Seeds: 290

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