Top 5 Cut Flowers To Grow From Seed In Autumn

Here are our Top 5 Cut Flowers To Grow From Seed In Autumn.

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are cooling down. But this doesn't mean you can't continue to add colour into your garden.

1. Aster Tall Peony Flower, this tall and long lasting flower blooms early in the season.

2. Nigella Persian Jewel 'Love In Mist' Mix, a lovely star shaped cutting flower that blooms in pink, white + blue with ferny foliage. Pods can be then dried and used in arrangements.

3. Sea Holly Deep Blue (Eryngium planum) Flower, this striking perennial is extremely hardy. It produces interesting spiky blue flowers.

4. Statice Flower, this classic cut and dry flower is low maintance once established. We have Statice Flower seeds in Apricot, Blue, Iceberg, Pastel shades and Midnight.

5. Poppy Icelandic Flower, blooming in shades of orange, pink, yellow and salmon. Bees will be busting down your garden gate to get to these beauties!

6. Stock Giant Column Flower, these beautiful double and single flowers on spikes are sweetly scented and have a long vase lives. We have available Avalanche, Apricot, Creamy Yellow and Lilac Lavender. 

Cut Flowers To Grow From Seed In Autumn

We also have put together a Autumn Flower Seed Bundle  with includes 6 varieties ready for Autumn planting.

Photo credit @cradoctoplate