How to grow the best seedlings in Winter

Asking yourself why are your veggies seeds are not growing right now?

Winter the temperatures and fewer sunlight hours are both factors that can slow growth. 

Here are some useful tips on giving your seeds a head start.

POTS - you can use just about anything as long as it has good drainage. Use egg cartons or recycled seed containers.

SOIL - Chose a good quality seed potting mix. Make sure it has good drainage and airflow for roots to grow.

When filing the pot with potting mix make sure tap it down before adding the seeds. When planting the seeds sprinkle along the top of the soil, then cover them with a small about of potting mix and tap it down so that the seeds are touching the soil. As a general rule, you want the depth to be twice the size of the seed.

You then can add a sprinkle of vermiculite over the top of the soil. This helps keep the soil moist and stops seeds from drying out while the germinate.

WARMTH/ SUN - Keep your seedlings warm.  You can use a large clear plastic storage container to make your own mini greenhouse. Or a warm, sunny window sill will also work well.

WATERING - Then use a spray bottle of water to water the seedlings. Misting stops over/under watering. You want to keep the soil to be moist, not dry or over watered.

THINNING OUT  - After the seedlings first set of leaves appear then thin out the seedlings that arent doing as well to give space to the better ones.

HARDENING OFF - Once the seedlings are established and ready to plant. For one around a week put them outside for a few hours a day (build this up over the week). This will help them acclimatise the outdoors and not go into shock if planted directly from inside to outside.

Check out our ‘Winter Seed Pack’ for what to plant now!